Hello from the Keystone province

  • Greetings all! Thought I would check out things across the pond and see how you Guys and Gals do it. A tour of Scotland is very high on my bucket list, and hope to do it soon. Maybe track down my long lost relatives since the family tree is rooted in Scotland on both sides. Running a low mile '95 PD that I managed to find after my original '95 PD was destroyed by a soccer mom and her minivan. Hopefully get a long run out of this one without incident! 8) :thumbup:

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    Theres the old girl! Twin sister to my original PD I ordered in '94. I ran #1 for 23 years until soccer mom ran a red light and I put the bike into her door.🤬 Started looking for a replacement, just about dealt on one in Texas. Was browsing through Kijiji ads one day and spotted a very tiny picture of this one. I knew 2 '95 PDs were sold in Manitoba at the time I bought. Never knew where the second one went. Turned out to be be 3 hours away north of Winnipeg. PO wasn't much of a rider and therefore bike only had 14,000 kms on it in 23 years! Some colourful Canoodian cash changed hands, done deal! Never thought I'd be able to find another PD Classic so close to home!

  • Wow! 8| Thats up there on pricing for a bike that looks like its been around the block a couple of times. I'll do a bit of brows here and see what can be had on the market....now im curious. I tend to stay fairly oblivious to prices and such unless I'm actively looking to buy something! :sleeping:

  • So dinky compared to today's behemoths.

    The first airhead I had (I used the dealership's demo bikes so not strictly mine) was a bumblebee 100GS in about 1991. The 1100 is a massive leap forward in most ways, but it is a lot heavier of course. Think the kit to turn it into a PD was still available, certainly we had brochures. Guess it planted a seed, but if I had one I'd have to fix the front brakes and the alternator. Used to love seeing ones coming in for service or repairs that had come in from what we now call adventure rides - particularly remember a yellow R80 G/S with a big tank which had been ridden back from Sudan (IIRC) by some army officer type. I knew then what I wanted to do but didn't get to do my first trip to Africa until 2004.

    Funny thing is, my bike was signed out after its PDI by a guy called David Goldman who was in charge of the workshop at my dealership. Small world...

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