Multistrada V2

  • Multistrada V2 initial review with some comparisons. No rose tinting.

    A reflection on some basics after the first 1000miles.

    The Seat – the Tiger 800 seats probably got a 5 out of 10, the Tracer 900 GT got a 3 and needed a Bagster to enjoy the bike, the V2 gets an 8. Far better than the other two and no wriggling about on a 250 mile day.

    The Screen - the Tigers' were dire and a Madstad was the only solution, the Tracer GT only needed a cheap screen extender to make it OK but guess what, the V2 screen is good.

    The heated grips- The Tigers' were nice and easy to operate via a simple switch, the Tracer GT grips were controlled through the awful rotary switch impossible to use on the run, the V2 grips are controlled via the easily selected menu. Probably a draw with the Tiger.

    The Dashboard - the Tigers' had a good clear display but the options seemed limited, the Tracer GT had a good display but the rotary menu switch was a complete pain to use, the V2 display is not great in bright light but accessing the menu is really simple and useful. Particularly useful is easy selection of trip miles and miles to run.

    Fuel usage - the Tigers' were good for 50mpg, the Tracer GT 60mpg and the V2 is showing 58mpg. The V2's 20litres vs the 18litres of the other two bikes is a big advantage. The V2 consistently shows a range of 230miles.

    Seat height- all three models have a seat height of 830mm . The V2 has a significantly lower seat height than the previous Multistrada 950s, achieved magically without loosing ground clearance or seat comfort - I could not get on the predecessors.

    Suspension - they all definitely have it but my capabilities don't allow any comparison. They all seemed fine to me. Maybe the V2 is a bit firmer at factory setting.

    Handling - my limited capabilities do sense that the V2 is rather good. The bars are def the widest of the three models.

    Colour - Red is the best !

    Underseat storage - the V2's is definitely the most meagre.

    Bits - the manufacturer's bits for fettling are def more expensive for the V2. For instance I believe that if you did fit OEM aux lights yourself it is still necessary to visit the dealer for them to programme the brain to switch them on.

    Note. My Multistrada V2 is not the S version which has a better screen display, posh semi active suspension and a quick shifter. The S also has keyless ignition and keyless fuel tank as an option. It also has red bits on the wheels.

    If an S had been available I might?? have spent the extra £2k. There was not and I am really happy with the V2. I would have been delighted if keyless and TFT screen had been options.

    All my own views, of course, no sponsorship involved !


    Multistradas now come with a four year warranty, extended from the "normal," two.

    Must be dealer serviced to keep it valid.


  • Today,

    Dougie was modelling a Puig dark screen on his 950. He got it for free - off a Pike's Peak that had a dalliance with it.

    Which led to lots of farting about with screen positions.

    Conclusion, the 950 Multistrada rider is very tolerant of screen position and screen size. Absolute opposite to a Tiger !!

  • Right,

    Another 1000 miles done and I am enjoying the bike immensely.

    Following the trial of the Puig screen, I bought one. The horrendous rain of the camping weekend was not any worse than it would have been with the large Ducati screen, I don't think.

    The centre stand, ordered when I signed the order for the bike, took two months to arrive. The dealer had several on order but the one with my name on it turned up without any pals.

    (Folk ordering V2's are complaining about non delivery, probably the same as every manufacturers).

    The seat comfort continues to astound me - how can they have got it so right!

    The lust for a posh screen and keyless has diminished as the bike is such a joy in every other way.

    I set it in Touring mode when I got it and haven't felt the need to change that.

    The fuel gauge and range functions are superbly accurate.

    With 9,000 mile service intervals being available and (Dougie and me) knocking the miles in that dealers will shake heads and and tut loudly we are probably not true Ducatisti even if I have tee shirts to prove it.

    Red is definitely the colour !

  • pillion peg hangers.

    i noticed ages ago (washing the Multistrada) that the pillion peg hangers were a really nice dark shade of "blue" when wet but the black they should be when dry.

    no idea why !

    I emailed Ducati Glasgow with pics and the same day they sent them off to Italia.

    24hours later Ducati Glasgow told me Italy are supplying replacement hangers.

    Delivery will no doubt be a few weeks but i am impressed by the service.Screenshot_20230613-113126-443.png


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