Nothing to do with bikes -- You don't know what you don't know !

  • We have all no doubt seen the squadrons, installing fibre optic broadband infrastructure, with the promise of speeds so fast that you will be amazed.

    I thought I might take up BTs offer to get rid of my copper connection for only a few pounds.

    What they have not publicised, is that should you happen to have an alarm system that uses the phone line, it won't work on the fibre system without an upgrade to the alarm system.

    Perhaps obvious to techies but it wasn't to me !!

    My nice domestic alarm company can offer a couple of upgrades to talk to fibre for - several hundred pounds.

    I won't be bothering to get high speed broadband and keep my old tech alarm system.

    I can however see a point when copper wire phone systems will be deemed to expensive to maintain and we all have to go fibre.

    Just saying !

    Nothing to do with bikes of course !

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