My motocamping gear #7 | Helinox knock-off chairs

  • I have a back issue that means somewhere to sit in camp is absolutely essential. I’ve had a cheap Helinox One copy for some years and it’s been brilliant. The small pack size and light weight (1.1kg) make it ideal for slinging on the bike.

    The negatives for me are that I do find it a little low for comfort and you do have to find a way of stopping the legs penetrating soft ground, but there are plenty of diy fixes for both issues. For me the pros far outweigh the cons.

    And, I’d still be more than happy with it if a mate hadn’t recently bought a ‘high back’ Helinox chair. As well as the high back it also perches you further off the ground. I found it very comfortable and it improved the height issue. Hmmmn 🧐.

    The knock-off copy I bought off Amazon weighs 100 grams more (1.2kgs) and is slightly more bulky, but it’ll still easily fit in a pannier. The ally poles are a slightly thicker diameter but other than that the construction seems to be very similar. For £31 it seems like a bit of a bargain!

    Here they are side-by-side…


    I’ll post a photo of them packed and give you the vital statistics in an update!

    To give a balanced review, Mrs. JRT prefers the smaller orange chair, she finds it more comfortable saying the cut of the seat material is more supportive. The headrest on the high back chair was in the wrong place for her too. Trouble is, it’s not removable and it’s not adjustable.

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