Living offgrid - Jake

  • Jake

    Some years ago, a small group of us had an adventure in a forest and came across this chap.

    He was very accommodating to us and not the usual angry forestry people we meet /.

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    Bring back nice memories :):)

  • He is a great guy and a real character. Look out for him at the various Highland Games whenever they're allowed again; you'll see him wandering about in a kilt and, in place of a sporran, he wears the amp for the home-made, twin-necked, electric guitar/mandolin set up that he plays. I encountered him one Spring day as I was out on the cross-country skis with the dogs near his home. He invited us back for a ' cup o' tea....' and we sat newsin' for too long (as you do) Getting back along the track to the car was fun in the dark

  • Popped along the track late this afternoon and took this pkotie from just around the corner from Jakes pad . . . . not the big one in the foreground, the sheds in the background . . . .

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