Adventure Bike Travel Log & Journal

  • There is a chap on here who goes by the name Long Way Round has designed and had published a booklet for recording bike travel stuff, be they long or short trips.

    More detail is given here.

    Published at Last

    Anyway I was lucky enough to be given a Father's Day gift of a copy.

    Early days, but so far I have pasted in my camping gear list on the page provided for the job and on a blank page at the back my wee hand drawn maps of "the north" .

    I am sure it will prove to be useful when out and about being able to refer back to prior trips, the eateries and unfamiliar road junctions.

    Maybe even a Sausage footnote.

  • I wish I had bought one years ago -- oh, I couldn't as LWR has just recently invented it.

    I know you can scribble notes in a £1jotter from Tesco but the point is I wouldn't.

    Just because the Log Book says that's what it is, I find myself using it -- buy one and try it.

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