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  • So today was exciting ...

    I received my authors copy of the Log Book & Journal that is now on Amazon Worldwide.

    There are quite a few of these types of books but I have designed the internals and made it the smallest size possible so it can be taken with you on your travels.

    Adventure Bike Travel Log & Journal

    Plan your adventure and keep track of your experiences with this handy journal.

    Keep a record of your trip with mileages, notes, attractions, recommendations and funny story of the day.

    In the years ahead, you can flick through your journal and remember all the great adventures.


    • Monthly Planner
    • Day Log Page - mileage, weather, location, navigation, campsite, tourist attractions, pub / restaurants
    • Todays Recommendations - Star Ratings Notes from today area
    • Funny story from today area
    • Book details – small 5”x 8” size, 120 pages 29 *days*
    • Plenty of space for notes
    • Small enough to fit in tank bag or panniers

    Extra Pictures for the Forum

    Front Cover

    First Page

    Second Page

    Monthly Planner and Packing List

    Third Page

    Main Prompt Page and Notes from Today

    Forth Page

    Funny Story from today Notes & Todays Recommendations , Next time you visit notes .

    Then it repeats with the Main Prompt Page , Funny Story Etc (29 *DAYS*) so perfect for that longer trip or couple of trips.

    These are available on Amazon Worldwide




    Please consider buying a copy and give a review if happy .

    We get a small royal on every book sold .

  • ok.

    A watering can from Screwfix was my first Father's Day pressie suggestion but they are out of stock , so -

    Craig has just provided an excellent alternative and a runner has been despatched, with a cleft stick, to the selected offspring.

    (I might write drivel in it instead of on here:|.

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