A sad state of affairs

  • They'd still do dumb things. For the second time in two years we've had an articulated truck stuck at the bottom of our narrow and steep lane (no exit). You can easily see from the top of the brae that it goes nowhere, but they still drive down, and then need to be towed out. The verges are trashed, there's burnt rubber everywhere! Morons.

  • As for voting to cut your nose off to spite your face, they complain when it's quiet and no tourist money but the moment it gets a crowd...it's shut the place down to day trippers or passers through. They say the West Coast is the friendliest place too...maybe they meant Ireland?8o

    I think once this blows over, the crowds will disappear back to Europe...it's just one of the problems having neighbours with 61 million folk. :/

    Completely agree.

    They advertised it well and due to the pandemic, people can't or won't go abroad so have made the most it. Living in a village myself I know what a pain it can be with knobheads that spoil things, but sometimes you've got to take the money while you can and save the moaning till later. They'll soon be back on the ferries and spending money elsewhere. Just my 2c worth :/

  • That's a nicely balanced article. I loved the quote;

    "It would be selfish to deny people access to places like this – they are part of what makes life bearable. These moments of play and beauty might be among the most treasured times of some of these young, and not-so-young, lives. My sense of belonging in these valleys doesn’t replace or crowd out other people’s love, and need, for them; these two loves can coexist, even if it sometimes makes life a little crowded."

    Seeing last week, how many businesses on Skye have disappeared completely or according to Google are "permanently closed" we are even more conscious that as incomers we need to be respectful of our neighbor's ability to earn a living even though it may mean inconveniences to ourselves.

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