A Wee Hurl on the Bike

  • Damn rain...hope it clears for mid-June, for I'm off down to Ayr, then Crossmichael, via the Raider's Road, for a few nights with SWMBO at her sister's. Then it's off across to Hadrian's Wall Campsite on the 20th for the summer solstice (04:27 on the 21st June)...yup, ageing hippy me!

    Then after that it will be a matter of look at the weather forecast and point the bike in the direction of the sunniest weather. A rough plan is to ride down to Shropshire for a few days exploring Mortimer's Forest (cos it's my surname) then up through Wales and over to the Yorkshire Dales. I have a Leave of Absence pass for 3-4 weeks, so ain't in any hurry. Yorkshire through the Pennines to Kielder Forest and that track that runs over to join the A68 near Carter Bar.

    Not an especially ADV-ish trip, apart from the Raider's Road and Kielder Forest, but it's a substitute for my planned, and cancelled, 8 week Euro tour that I bought the bl**dy bike for in the first place

    Might see some of you out and about

    Ride safe y'all

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