Oot in the sun.

  • Nice wee 120 mile run today taking in Galshiels, Peebles, Stobo, Drumelzier, Rachan Mill and Moffatt where I stopped for a coffee in really warm sunshine. Then it was off down by St Marys Loch, back it to Galashiels for a fruitless search for something in Halfords then home. Below are the only 2 pics of the day taken on the Moffatt to Selkirk road.


    Every day above ground is a good day.

  • phunnily eNuff, a trio set off yesterday with a plan of Lanark, Abington, Moffat, Selkirk, Melrose.

    We got to Abington and the Mannie who had started pointing said " it's that way".

    It was not of course.

    Everybody knows you have to get the M74 on your right and bear away to the left to head to Moffat.

    Except our arm waver.

    Anyway following the time honoured routine of following the pointed direction, a whilely later, Wanlockhead appeared.

    Never been that road before !

    Anyway A76 is duly met and Thornhill, Moniave, Carsphairn, Dalmelington New Cumnock and back across to Douglas before turning north, became the route of the day.

    Pic to follow !

    Great day out it was, even if 180degrees out !

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