Just saying !

  • I was in Embra this morning to get the front brake switch on my Tracer GT replaced - Yamaha recall.

    I spoke to a Mannie who had an Enfield Intercepter and was getting a Calliper replaced - Enfield recall. The recall was issued Nov 2019; parts had just arrived for fitting.

    He also added that he was an hour late for the "appointment" due to the wind. Its effect on the bike - not flatulence! (I missed where he said he came from but it was central Scotland ish.,)

    Just Saying!😕😂

  • There does seem to be some talk of a larger displacement Himalayan. Whether that’s a larger single or based on the 650 twin I don’t know. Could be interesting 🧐

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R, '21 KTM 790 Adventure

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