First Swallow

  • Saw our 1st on th 22nd and a house martin the next day. Swallows are about a week later than usual in their arrival with us. I also saw my first warbler last week as well. Not certain which type but we mainly get lesser white throated ones here abouts.

    I did see oa swallow a week before that, over towards Inverness, along with a good sized group of sand martins. Also spotted a Osprey sitting on the nest on the power pylon next to the road to Achnasheen on the same day. Oh, and there were the pair of red kites hunting a field just before Contin.

    On the estate where I shoot there is an osprey nest just a little distance from one of our release pens. The pair that use it have been back since just after the begnning of the month.

  • Swallows here too, and a 'first' was a Chiff-Chaff singing in the garden....not so many curlews around though....and I have just realised that I had not sent this post, after typing it out around a fortnight ago

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