Hello from Fife

  • Ola amigos!

    So I have been a road rider for a good 6-7 years now... but have never ventured off the tarmac!.

    I pick up my new Tenere 700 on Tuesday so will be looking forward to changing that and plan on doing some of the TET routes... however it seems there isn't one for Scotland and it also seems the reason for it is because it's mostly illegal!. So I thought I'd nip on here and see what y'all are doing and if you have any wee routes that don't draw too much attention!

    I also plan to do the NC 500 on my Ninja 1k when lockdown fucks off :D

  • Hi Ya

    Welcome along to the forum ,.
    The Tenere is some bike , I am sure you'll be happy with it .

    Not much going on at the moment but hopefully things will improve soon ,.

    You could try some of the legal forest drives that are about , easy stuff but good fun

    There is a thread about them somewhere here


    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy. :)

  • Kriegar,

    P.S. I have long experience off peoplefrom the Kingdom ,includingtheweecooperhimself.

    I don't recollect meeting anyone with a close association to a well known baggage brand.

    East or West Kingdom ???

  • Haha I'm not associated with any well known baggage brands... unfortunately! It's an online alias I have used for a long long time.

    I'm a fifer... so yeah Alan Duffus working his magic! Although I was very close to pulling the trigger on a 790 instead since they are so cheap at the moment. But the looks and reliability concerns put me off.

  • Hi Kreigar,

    How is the T7 ? Nice machine I so nearly went with one when they first appeared.

    Your right about the TET, across the border they have added a Borders /Northumberland route. Some of it is a bit dodgy, not all of it is legal (Byway) and I know there will be issues if vehicles start using some close to my home.

    It’s a bit sad that riding legal byways with a legal bike I still feel guilty when walkers give you the evil eye.

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