Lomo New Large Panniers

  • Lomo Large panniers

    Full disclosure: These panniers have been kindly supplied to us for review but under no obligation to give a favourable review.

    A fully waterproof pannier solution for £69 quite incredible!

    Heavy duty tarpaulin, heat welded seams unique webbing lattice system for fixing to your rack.

    Designed to fit almost every pannier rack and with some practice you can find the perfect way to fit these panniers to your own bike.

    I also like the way the panniers fold flat when they are empty, giving a low profile for off-roading etc.

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    Click the little cog in the video to increase quality if your internet can handle it.


    Again Lomo gets a 5 out of 5 for value with these Large Panniers.


    Can be viewed here over on Lomo's website

    Hope you enjoy the video

    Meantime you can win these over on the competition section .

    Autumn 2020 / Winter 2021  :)

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