LOMO Crash Bar Bags

  • Lomo Crash Bar Bags

    These 6.5lt each bag set at £39 are incredible value for money .

    They are totally waterproof as you would expect with Lomo bags , they have a nice fixing system very similar to other bags.

    Of course they could be used as hard pannier topper bags or fitted elsewhere .

    I would give them a 5 out of 5 for value



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    Click the little cog in the video to increase quality if your internet can handle it.

    Can be viewed here over on Lomo's website


    Should be back in stock in spring 21.

    Meantime you can win these over on the competition section .

    Autumn 2020 / Winter 2021

    Hope you enjoy the video :)

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy. :)


    Transalp 650 (2007) ....... Vstrom 650 (2023) :P

  • Nice wee informative video Craig I am sure they will be handy for some. I notice the running lights on your bike look to be the same as the ones I bought to replace the damaged ones on mine, I think I paid £14.50 for the pair delivered.


    Every day above ground is a good day.

  • I use the 6.5litre Lomo crash bar bags for my Al Fresco cooking gear and food -- regardless of whether it's just a day out or camping.

    Really useful sized, inexpensive, bags and odly enough I mount them on my crash bars.


  • Similar to the Lomos - five or six litres per side. Basically I want to not have to extend the height of my tank bag on longer trips (the bag goes walkies when ridiing on rough roads, not helped by its height, drives me nuts). Don't want any zips either.

    It's a tricky one. I really like my tank bag - Wolfman Explorer Lite with a top pocket, but it won't stay put when expanded. All I'd have in the extra bags would be light stuff like hats, heavier gloves, nuts and fruit for lunch, that sort of thing.

    [EDIT] Interesting looking at this pic of Mountin Sun's offering at $US 99.00:


    14 litres per side. OK, that might encourage you to pack more crap than you need, but it would be bloody handy for storing rain jackets and trousers for example, along with the aforementioned comestibles. Not roll top though. Lomo medium panniers might work too.

  • They're a deal cheaper than the Andy Strapz ones! Wolfman are bringing some new ones out, and I like their gear, but again they won't be cheap.

    To be honest, aside from having zips, which I don't want, the Mountain Sun ones are too big. Don't want to encourage overpacking eh?

    Lomo have definitely got two bags that would work nicely, just need the straps sorting out.

  • I would have sworn that I had posted some pics of a modification I made to the Crash bar bags --- but I can't find it.

    The Crash bar bags would have benefited from the same webbing system as fitted to the most recent panniers from Lomo.

    The lack of loops to fix/support/hold the Crash bar bags by a vertical strap(s) does cause inconvenience.

    Craig comments that he used the top carrying handle to hold the bag on his bike whilst he fed the horizontal fixing traps around his mountings --- I suspect everybody does.

    The second annoyance is that the two horizontal straps that fix the bags to the frame actually pull the whole bag against the frame ---- not just the back.

    To get at the contents you need to slacken the straps and the bags slump forward away from the carrier - which again is annoying.

    The recent Molle type system would have resolved those annoyances by providing support options vertically and horizontally.

    But as somebody once said to me if my Auntie had balls she would be my Uncle.

    Craig's video clearly shows the back and side slots the two horizontal straps go through to fix to a frame.

    I made up a pair of straps to fix permanently and horizontally across the back of the bags.

    The straps were sewn to provide a horizontal loop either side of the Lomo centre loop. Both top and bottom.

    This provides options to mount the bags with straps completely separate to Lomo originals ---- which can then be used solely for compression.

    I might find the pics I took and post them later.

    Still great value bags - they just need a wee bit of DIY to be perfect imho.

  • Found the pics. I made some of the webbing stitching on my wee machine but they still needed hand stitching to close the ends across the bags.

    Hand stitching 25mm webbing is not that onereous in any case.

    this first pic just illustrates the piece of webbing being fed round prior to any stitching, not the Lomo webbing still in place and required..

    this pic has the webbing formed as it will be when stitched with the little clips illustrating where the loops are formed.

    this pic has the webbing in place and vertical straps threaded up through them.

    top and side views on the bike

    in conjunction with Craig's excellent video i am sure you can work it out !

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