My motocamping gear #5 | Insulated mug/cafetière

  • My motocamping gear #5 | Insulated mug/cafetière

    I love a cup of hot, fresh brewed, Italian-blend coffee. It's my morning ritual at home or when I'm camping! ^^ I'm not a fan of steel or aluminium mugs and I like my coffee hot so when I found an insulated plastic ABS mug with a built in cafetière function I bought it. That was over 15 years ago and it's still going strong :).

    As I've had this mug for a long time, I didn't hold out much hope of finding one online ;) but, much to my surprise you can still get 'em! I'll put a link at the bottom of the page.

    And. here it is in action, somewhere in southern France, in 2018.


    • Very strong, robust construction
    • Wide base proportionally making it much more stable than those tall stainless steel mugs I see on a lot of campsites. It makes it easy to wash out too, and I've just seen I can put it in the dishwasher when I get home from a trip.
    • The cafetière function. Just brilliant for my morning 'cup of Joe!' I didn't think it was going to last long, I was wrong, it still functions perfectly.
    • It's plastic - light and no burnt lips or need for those silicone lip-guard things.
    • Insulated - keeps my beverage of choice nice and hot :)


    • Absolutely none. It's perfect.

    If your requirements are similar to mine and you're still looking for that 'perfect camping mug' here's an AmazonUK link.

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  • Great stuff Jim,

    Thanks for posting, been after one of these for a while, lost the link some time ago.

    Ordered up, ready for camping jollys whenever.

    Thanks for posting, catch up soon hopefully. :thumbup:

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