My motocamping gear #4 | Trangia 27-1

  • My motocamping gear #4 | Trangia 27-1 (with spirit and gas burners)

    I bought the Trangia complete with the gas burner from SteveT a couple of years back. I've since added the kettle and bio-gel burner :).



    • Quality Swedish construction
    • A traditional spirit burner for meths addicts :D.
    • You get a firm base and windbreak for your pans/kettle/etc. and the whole kit nests in a relatively compact form.
    • The gas burner gives you the option of using the ubiquitous screw-on canisters.
    • The wind break feature of the Trangia means your fuel heats water/food quicker and will last longer too, as the heat is channelled rather than blown away by the breeze.
    • The meths burner and bio-gel burner operate silently (unlike my Coleman Sportster or the mis-named MSR Whisperlite!)


    • None as far as I'm concerned.

    As I'm not usually in a rush when brewing-up or cooking, I can't see the advantage of Jetboils, etc. In fact, I've only used the Trangia’s gas burner once. All the other times I've used this Vango bio-gel.


    It's clean, doesn't spill and seems to be readily available. You can also use it as hand sanitiser and, conversely, use hand sanitiser to brew-up on your Trangia!

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

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  • Cracking bit of kit ain't it Jim!

    I borrowed a trangia set from Lowflyer many years ago for a euro trip and was sold on it so much I got my own. The one I sold to Jim was replaced with a non stick version - saves on water when cleaning :).

    I mainly use the gas burner but I'm intrigued by the gel fuel stuff. Time to go tinternet surfing and find some (still got some meths somewhere from my attempts to use the small burner).

    Keep the info series going Jim - helps fill the freezing days and nights :thumbup:

  • Keep the info series going Jim - helps fill the freezing days and nights :thumbup:

    Will do, Steve. I'm really using these reviews as an exercise in 'discovering' what my essentials are. I'm trying to reduce what I take with me. I thought of starting with tents, sleeping bag, etc. but I'm not sure how useful that might be. It's the small but essential stuff that's often left out of the reviews I've seen on YouTube and so forth.

    PS. The gel fuel was in impossible to get during the first lockdown, folk twigged on to the fact that it's a very good hand sanitiser!

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

  • Yeah I remember Steve borrowing it a while back. The non stick are deffo the way to go, I've had mine now for a good few years, never let me down. Rely solely on gas but have the full meths burner stuck inside the kettle just in case. I have to say the meths is painfully slow and sooty, but as a back up, ok.

    Never clicked on to the fact that the gel would be in short supply due to covid ??

    Suppose it's the same with bog roll , panic buying FFS :D

    Keep up with the suggestions, especially liked the coffee jug :thumbup:

    Greenest XRV Africa Twin , Yamaha WR450F, Yamaha Tenere

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