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  • My motocamping gear #3 Lansky Blademedic

    A blunt or dull blade is 1. unfit for purpose and 2. much more dangerous than a sharp one. I was taught (in the Scouts again) that if you cut yourself with a sharp blade you get a wound that knits cleanly (ask Flyfifer;)), whereas a dull blade tears and leaves a ragged wound.

    I've had a sharpening stone and leather strop at home for years, but on the road something that can touch-up a is blade useful. I use a Lansky Blademedic. It's not as versatile (or expensive) as a multi-angle sharpener, but it's simple and does the job when I'm out an about.


    I suspect the Blademedic is a 3rd party item branded for Lansky as there are plenty of very similar looking devices out there. But, in the field of blade sharpening, Lansky is a name I trust so that's what I bought.

    The tungsten carbide jaws and diamond rod are good for restoring a blade while the ceramic jaws 'polish' the edge. The ceramic 'blade' is for serrated edges but I've never used that. The Blademedic very simple to use, just three of four strokes though the jaws is usually enough and I've used it with both stainless and carbon steel blades.

    It weighs next to nothing and is only about 3" long. I keep it with my kitchen kit. The current price is just over £12 on Amazon.

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  • That's very timely.

    I have just made a couple of paddle strops this week and been researching strop compounds

    What I actually mean is trying to find the cheapest seller of a compound(s) that are specified abrasive and particle size.

    I am having an amusing time asking eBay vendors for details of what they are selling.

  • Jim, your point about trusting a brand is I think we'll made.

    I found a product on Amazon called Sharpall that looks very similar to the Lansky offering.

    The Sharpal was sub£10 and included an integral whistle and firestarter --- providing "tactical' benefits ??.

    I think it demonstrated Less is probably More!

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