CRKT Pilar HH Pocket knife

  • After having thought about and decided against buying an all purpose knife the reviews on here gave me the impetus to research and buy.

    I must confess that when looking at knife reviews previously I was put off by the proliferation of Military, Tactical, Rambo type words that accompanied many reviews. Once I got past that there was decent straightforward comment to be had.

    I finally decided on the CRKT Pilar from Hienne Haynes which I am now awaiting delivery of.

    My pre purchase research is given below.


    In short form the law now says, no locking knives, no blade more than 3 inches, no fixed blades --- unless etc.

    The "unless" list is specific but extensive but the spirit and intention is clear.

    Apparently going on a picnic is one reason to have a fixed blade knife.

    Given the recent controversy about picnics I think I will not try justifying buying on an "unless" ticket.

    £70 seems a very common price to pay for a decent quality knife and there are many apparently ordinary well made knives at £200.

    Perversely I decided to try and find quality at £30.

    The Hennie Haynes website has a vast array of sharp things. I used to think HH was Helly Hansen outdoor clothing !

    The "recent" UK law changes, to prohibit the carrying of any kind of lock knife , spawned the proliferation of knives with a so called "Slip Joint" function.

    Whilst not a lock this does reduce the possibility of the blade closing like an "ordinary" Penknife.

    On that basis a Slip Joint is a must to get on my list.

    Spyderco UK Penknife, EDC UKPK £70 +.

    This knife is produced using Various steels at various prices.

    This knife is out of stock everywhere.

    It has the Spyderco trademark hole for one handed opening.

    It seems to be the benchmark for every day carry knives. (EDC).

    It is often simply referred to as the UKPK.

    Spyderco Roadie £70.

    This is not a pretty knife but it is made from a Carbon steel.

    Spyderco Grasshopper £29.95.

    Spyderco produced a range of smaller Slip Joint knives, this is the "largest" of these.

    It quickly became clear that a vast range of steels are used for knife manufacture.

    At the expensive end are High carbon steel alloys which can be given a really sharp edge and can keep it.

    At the cheaper end Stainless alloys proliferate.

    There are many variations under each heading.

    This one comes in at 40grams.

    CRKT Pilar £35

    There are many Youtube video reviews of knives.

    This inexpensive knife gets good reviews.

    HH seem to be big enough in the world of knife sales to get manufacturers to make specials for them.

    This version of the Pilar is lighter than the original because of the HH handle materials. 80grams.

    HH badge it as their product of the year 2020.

    From a review -

    "While tougher steel like D2 would hold an edge much longer, ultra-hard steels tend to chip before rolling. Chips need to be fixed by removing metal with a sharpening tool. 8Cr13MoV might not be ideal for this sort of knife, but it is far from the worst steel they could have chosen".

    8Cr13MoV is a Chinese-Made Stainless Steel similar to the Japanese AUS 8, high in Carbon, Chromium, it’s used for knives. Many knife makers use it, including Spyderco in for example the Tenacious.

    Lansky World Legal £31…l-knife-blade-medic-combo

    The knife itself is advertised for £23 but again currently out of stock everywhere. This offering from HH includes a sharpening kit.

    There are a couple of manufacturers who claim to make a knife that meets the laws in many countries. There are many anecdotes of them being confiscated at airports. Some have a design that smacks of "military" and that is sufficient to make them illegal. This Lansky is chunky and you wouldn't want to pick your nails with it on a bus ! 170 grams.

    Real Steal Luna £29.95.

    Another HH collaboration with the manufacturer. D2 carbon steel. 50 grams. The Luna does not have steel liners behind the scales and this no doubt contributes to the low weight.

    A review from Paddys Potato Peelers channel -

    D2 steel has a long development history and whilst there are even better knife steels the performance and cost of D2 make it a good choice.

    Boker Plus World wide £35

    Another "worldwide legal" offering.

    Many of these knives refer to the action under normal closing, this one refers to a stop at 90degrees. It's another chunky and said to have a stiff action. 150 grams.

    Spyderco Byrd Tern £35…inekninvesstore/spydferco

    Byrd is a company owned by Spyderco. Spyderco knives are made in USA.

    The Tern seems to be in short supply and does seem very similar to the UKPK.

    The lower price Byrd versions are made in China.

    The Tern weighs 60grams. Reviews indicate that the build quality of the Byrd knives is similar to the USA manufacture. The cost difference is in the materials.

    There are apparently Byrd clones so it suggests buy through main dealers like HH.

    Opinel £6

    Opinel produce a range with the lock ring removed but they are Not slip joint knives. Many folk like them.

    The decision was finally made to buy the CRKT Pilar HH. Note there are a number of versions of the Pilar that do not meet UK carrying law.

    Review of the actual knife -- will follow.

    Whilst I may be happy with the Slip Joint action of the knife this is a good little video to show the build of the knife.

    CRKT Pilar

    Due to the curvature of the belly of its blade, CRKT’s Pilar qualifies as a modified Wharncliffe or Sheepsfoot.

    The blade has a flat grind.


    A Sheepsfoot blade has a straight cutting edge and an unsharpened curved back spine that curves down to meet the straight edge and make a false point.

    The main purpose of a sheepsfoot is for cutting and slicing where a point is not wanted or needed. The strength the blade has, together with not having a sharpened spine, gives great control when using the knife.


    This style of blade isn’t too different from the sheepsfoot style, however, the spine of the blade starts curving much closer to the handle which allows for a much shallower curve and the creation of a tip.

    The Wharncliffe design goes back to the 19th century.

    It would come to be known as a workman’s blade being especially useful for woodworking. This is likely because of its shape — a long, straight edge with a back that slopes gradually toward the tip, making for a very sturdy cutting surface suitable for carving and whittling.

  • I whittled the list down to the Spyderco Byrd Tern, Real Steel Luna and the CRKT Pilar.

    All three seemed to offer good value for similar money.

    None of them shouted "Tactical Survival Rambo".

    In the end I decided that I preferred the chunkier Sheepsfoot style blade of the CRKT Pilar.

    Another positive, if slow moving, review of the Pilar.

  • a few pics : my tottie wee SAK, my prize from ADV Scotland SAK, CRTK Pilar.

    unsurprisingly playing with sharp things i cut myself. Not the Pilar but the big SAK. Pulling all the tools out for the photo I nicked myself with the big blade,(the fluid on the knives is indeed blood I thought i had wiped it off) it is really sharp !

    anyway the pics are intended to give some scale to the Pilar.


  • Do you guys get the show "Forged in Fire" over there? Lots of knives, and swords. We're big fans as it avoids most of the faux drama of the typical reality show and the competitors encourage each other.

    That & the line "this will kill!"

    "El piloto que se levanta es aún más grande que el piloto que no ha caido"

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  • flyfifer

    Changed the title of the thread from “CRKT Pilar HH knife” to “CRKT Pilar HH Pocket knife”.
  • Worth your time to check it out if you're into knives & other edged weapons, the quality of some of the workmanship is incredibly high.

    "El piloto que se levanta es aún más grande que el piloto que no ha caido"

    2019 BMW R1250GSA "timBUCK 2"
    2020 Husqvarna FE501S
    2016 Toni Elias #24 Yoshimura GSXR Superbike "you cannot be serious?"

  • "Call that a knife!"

    Call that a Knife.jpg

    A British P1858 Naval Yatahgan Sword bayonet that was given to me by a neighbour just before he emigrated to New Zealand many years ago. I stupidly put a good edge on it just after i received it . . . then promptly sliced my hand trying to catch it one day when it slipped from its hook on the garage wall <X. Took the edge off it once I'd stopped leaking red stuff. The small, 3.5cm bladed SAK is there for comparison :)

    Not saying that I've got a "thing" for blades, but here are a few others I have laying around along with some light knife reading material . . .

    Blade Collection_autoscaled.jpg

    1 – Survival Knife as found in the survival pack fitted to ejection seats

    2 – Fairbairn-Sykes Commando knife

    3 – Shrade lock knife. Given to me by a old pal many years ago. Makes a great gralloching knife

    4 – Gerber Gaitor lock knife. Bought on my first tour with US forces

    5 – Leatherman Multi tool. Gifted to me by the US EOD team I served with on my first tour. Sits in a pocket of my bike jacket

    6 – Small SAK. Sits nicely in the pocket of my bike jacket alongside the Leatherman

    7 – Leatherman Multi tool. Eldest got it in the US

    Now, how many axes do I have?

  • Quite a collection there Steve ;)

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

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