My motocamping gear #2 | Olight H2R Torch/Headlamp

  • My motocamping gear #2 | Olight H2R Torch/Headlamp

    Last autumn my Petzl head torch finally gave up after 16 years of faultless service. Obviously lighting technology has come on leaps and bounds since 2004 so I did a lot of research and eventually purchased an Olight H2R.

    I bought it with a substantial discount in an Olight ‘flash sale’ as the H2R has been replaced by the Perun, which is slightly more powerful at the highest setting (2500 Lumen as opposed to 2300). I paid just over £50, but I think the price was (and the Perun is) about £80. Not cheap and I wouldn’t have bought it at that price; to be honest, I was in two minds at £50 but then I am a cheapskate with both Yorkshire and Scottish blood running through my wallet. ?


    My thoughts after 3 months use...

    I’ve not used it for camping yet, but I have used it a lot around my place for this and that, and for night time walks. So far I think it’s brilliant in both senses of the word ?.

    The good stuff:

    • You charge it from a USB a port which makes it bike friendly and avoids having to carry spare batteries.
    • There are a number of brightness settings - ‘moonlight’ (1 lumen) low, medium, high and ‘turbo’. Turbo is like a searchlight and it automatically switches back to your previous setting after a minute to prevent overheating and a rapid discharge. I’ve left it mainly on the medium setting which is plenty bright enough for what I’ve been using it for. On medium a charge seems to last for ages, I’ve only charged it three times so far and I’ve used it quite a lot, even then it was never out of charge, I just thought it wise to keep it topped up.
    • It has a magnetic base that I’ve found very handy - just position it on something ferrous-based and it stays put. The magnet seems fairly strong.
    • Overall build quality is impressive, it seems very robust.
    • I comes with a substantial head strap that it snaps to magnetically and you secure it further with a rubber strap that’s included. It feels very secure. You can rotate it to position it where you want.

    The not so good stuff:

    There are two ‘downsides’ I’ve found so far, minor issues as far as I’m concerned.

    • First, as a head torch it’s not as ergonomically comfortable as the Petzl it replaced. It’s okay for short stints but presses uncomfortably on my forehead after a while. Strap adjustment might improve that but most of the time I’m wearing a woolly hat which provides a cushioning effect.
    • Secondly, there’s no red light setting so your night vision is pretty much shot for 20 minutes after use, same as any torch without a red light.

    Overall, I’m really pleased with it and expect to get many years of use out of it. The Olight website has regular flash sales so, if you’re in the market for a robust, quality torch, keep an eye out. ?

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

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  • I retired my Petzl Tikka and bought an Alpkit Viper headtorch a couple or three years ago.

    The Viper has three levels of White light, the most powerful being the proverbial search light. It has two Red LEDs at each the side which can be in fixed or intermittent.

    I like the reds for dark in a tent.

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