Ages Since a book Commendation

  • Can't get motivated to read anything just now but really enjoyed Graham Fields books and Nathan Milward's books were really good.

    Icelandic Crime novels by Arnaldur Indridason are absolutely brilliant


  • I’ve been rereading some Christopher Brookmyre (One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night, Pandemonium & Attack of the Unsinkable Rubber Ducks) and Carl Hiaasen (Tourist Season & Razor Girl) recently - light, easy, entertaining reading. ?

    I could do with something new though, might have a look for something on Amazon.

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

  • Three Dawg, Danny Baker has written enuff Biogs for a tribe if comedians.!

    JimRidesthis, Brookmyre rings a bell, Hiassan is s blank.

    Will have a look at both.

    I don't recollect an Amazon writing anything ? ??

  • Having read the first two of Danny Baker's books which I found hillarious and interesting -- I am now half way through no.3.

    I never ever got into any of the (in my opinion banal rubbish) TV that him and Evans did but the books reveal a very different Danny Baker.

    Three Dawg thanks for the suggestion.

    Hamish, As for Indridason's books they remain unread.

    Fortitude has been enough dark scandi for the moment !

  • You're most welcome. Danny Baker was always at his best on radio. His early shows on Greater London Radio (GLR) were genius. Ditto Chris Evans and Chris Morris. What a brilliant station that was, it was the only thing about London I missed when I moved up here in 1992.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • I think that's why I discarded Baker - I saw him as a brash London person with stupid money pals and it was the complete antitheses of wot I were into, Work and Play !

    The books were in fairness a revelation and I actually found book 3 pretty harrowing.

    I wish him well whatever he is currently doing!

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