Ecosse motorcycles Aberdeen

  • Hi , hope you're all staying safe.

    Has any one had any dealings with ecosse motorcycles of Aberdeen ?.

    Only asking as I've seen a nice tidy looking V Strom on their website & was wondering if any one have had any dealings with them good or bad.



  • Got my CB500X from them in January (Aberdeen store). No bother, straight forward sale. Salesman was a bit of a "wide-boy" type geezer, but I've been in their old store many times and always been treated like a genuine punter, even when just in there tyre kicking :D

  • Yes Steve that's the one. Rory sent me a video of the bike & some photos I asked for , but the bike was a little bit tatty in places like the chrome fork stantions wear pitted & the chain looked like like it hadn't had any maintenance for along time.

    Far due to Rory he did say if there was any doubt about the chain they would replace it.

    But it seemed a bit to unloved for me , a shame really for the money & with all the extras,

    Still going to have a test ride on a new cb500x as I want to see what their like on the motorway. If not I think I'll go for a nearly new V Strom.


  • I part-exed my 1K Strom for the CB5X. I have only used the CB on a dual C/way for a short bit and it did OK, but just don't expect plenty of overtaking grunt . . . at ANY speed. The two bikes are really chalk and cheese when compared one to the other.

    If you do decide on a CB5X, drop me a line and we could maybe do a deal on my Jan 2020 registered bike. 4600 miles with plenty of fairly useful extras. Why would I sell? It really isn't up for the sort of occasional off road riding I do without serious money being spent on some Rally Raid suspension upgrades to get more ground clearance.

    Give one a try and contact me if interested.

  • Hi Steve , if I go for the cb500x it will be a new 2021 bike , supposed 4 brake horse power more & will have red rear subframe.

    I watched a chap on Utube fitting the larger front sprocket but he had to remove some metal guard from which sits next to the sprocket. He said as it was some sort of safety device he was going to machine it down& refit it.

    Did you have any trouble like that when you put your larger sprocket on Steve !.



  • Its a case saver the man is on about and no I didn't have any problems fitting the bigger front sprocket with the case saver fitted. I used a JTS front from Wemoto and it has dropped the revs by 500 in 6th gear. The bikes speedo is virtually bang on correct now when compared with gps indicated speed - only reading 1 mph under at 60mph gps speed.

    I don't think the 2021 Euro spec bikes are getting anymore power - American bikes already have the extra, cos they can! Euro spec machines are limited to meet learner rules.

    Take a good test ride before you buy. If your not planning to do any dirt riding and are happy to see the countryside roll by and not just have it go past in a blur, you may find the smile on your face growing rather large :):):)

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