Bash Plate

  • I have mumbled about fitting a bash plate to the Tracer GT; not for rufty tufty off road reasons, more to protect those awfully exposed exhaust pipes and to give a kerb something to hit before the sump should I (shock horror) be coming off/on a pavement !


    I have been gleaning design ideas from proprietary items.

    The simplest mounting I have found (used by a company something like SSSwwwwmototrick) fits brackets to the sump mounting bolts, to carry the bash plate.

    The attached link shows the main mount and there are two others.…Tracer%20900%20Forum&txt=

    I am just a bit concerned that this design ultimately loads those sump bolts in the event of a BASH !

    Dear Steve T,

    As the bash plate maestro, (your opinion is just that and carries no liability!) do you think that I am over thinking it ?

    Perhaps make the brackets from 2mm mild steel to partially crumple in event of a BASH taking load off the sump bolts.

    Or should I just sing "be happy don't worry" ---🎶🎶

  • Ian,

    Having just perused the Motech fitting instructions for this sump guard and having used Motech gear in the past, I'd say that you'll be fine with that set up.

    They use two other areas on the engines underside to secure more mounting brackets and between those three mounting points I'd guess at any "normal" load transfered the the mounting points would be well spread. Just don't go rock hopping on yer Tracer thinking that it's impervious to damage 8o

    I recently used some engine mounting points (not sump bolts) on the CB5X to secure my home made jobby . . . a re-think has been forced upon me due to the lack of suitability of said mounting points 8|.

    Just sent off an adaptor kit to the another CB5X user who wanted to try my handy work. The latest mounting system doesn't put any load on the previously used mounting points and has thus far taken the abuse I've given it :whistling:

  • Ian,

    Go to the Sw-Motech site, find your bike on their list and look for the sump guard. Open up that page and you will see a tab named "downloads" under the picture of the guard. This will open up a pdf of the fitting instructions.

    That damage you linked too looks like the machine has come DOWN onto something rather than being ridden over something. Possibly from a wheelly?

  • Steve, thanks for the info --- I had previously missed the weeee spanner icon on Motec. Sorted.

    The China clone had tubular spacers shown on a couple of brackets and I suspected the original did not.

    Now that I have seen the instructions in fact the Motec and Clone appear identical in design.

    The materials may be different --- but probably not significant.

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