new boots required sorry if it is a repeated thread

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    Out today and my may 2019 RST adventure boots started leaking

    they have cracked on the upper part where the foot bends just before the toe reinforcement

    So I will be looking for a new pair of boots and as I dont go off road (ok once Steve)

    what boot would you recommend

    I am usually a size 9 or 43 Eur fit



  • Hi Alan

    I have Sidi Adventure 2 boots , had them for over 4 years ., 25,000 odd miles and still going strong .

    Never leaked , sole still plenty life left .

    Very comfy for a off-road style boot with quite a bit of ankle support .

    Would highly recommend but pricey

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  • I tried that style of RST boot a few years ago and they leaked within a few months of use. Got my money back and I'm now using Altberg boots without any dramas, much like the previous pair that I wore out over after 12 years of use.

  • After much trying on of chunkie soled boots that I finall decided were toooo CHUNKY I bought a pair of Sidi Canyons.

    They are a robust boot without being full on Adventure style.

    They have kept really , really, really heavy rain and surface water spray out.

    Had them a couple of years --- I think they are superb boots.

    I normally buy 43s but had to go for 44s in the Canyons.

  • My RST Adventures had to go back too. They never leaked and were really comfortable but a manufacturing issues came to light about 18 months into ownership. All credit to RST, even though they were well out of warranty they replaced them. They didn’t have any direct replacements at the time so they sent (with my agreement) a pair of Paragon 2s. They’ve been fine, no leaks, comfy, lots of feel, road orientated boot.

    Sidi Adventure 2 - £240 from SportsBikeShop. Free returns if they don’t fit. General consensus is go a size up from your normal size. I’ve used SBS for lots of purchases, I highly recommend them. If you find somewhere closer to home, see if they’ll price match 👍…parts/content_prod/333269

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  • Thank you everybody I have been on to RST and they told me to send them back to gearchangeonline and for them to forward the boots onto RST for assessment .In the meantime I will wear the boots I was issued with in the forces

    Also will look for replacements if RST dont do anything

  • Update on boots

    credit to RST they accepted my boots were faulty and refunded my money which I put towards a pair of sidi adventure 2 and as advised went for a size bigger .Just waiting for the postman now

    thank you everyone


  • Well that’s a result! RST do seem to be willing to respond to customers and deal with issues. It’d be better if they had better manufacturing and/or quality control of course.

    '04 TDM900 😁 ‘84 XL600R (again) 😎 ‘08 Ulysses XT 😂

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