Err, what the..............

  • The muck around the bottom of the post suggests a recent installation.

    The jaunty angle suggests a pretty poor job of installation.A cooncil sign expert, from near Elgin, might have a view !

    If Twitter says there are multiple ???

    If it's One Only, is it an elaborate spoof ??

    There were certainly none on the A82 ten days ago at least as far north as Ballahuilish.

    That pic looks like the bit of road just north/west of the "pipers layby" ??

    Isit supposed to suggest staying in the centre of your own "lane" ?

  • If you look at the other smaller posts on the roadside you will see they are at the same angle which suggests that the camera positioning is to blame, but I could be wrong, it's not unknown. ;)


    Every day above ground is a good day.

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