Mmmm ! Be Afraid.!

  • If they haven't been charged with contravening any CV19 directives from Wee Jimmies regime then any good lawyer will blast a hole through whatever charges they have been presented on.

    And even if they have been charged with some CV19 contravention, then said lawyer will have a field day shredding that to pieces as well.

    Just my opinion.

    Steve T


  • Steve, I agree with your observations --- assuming they don't plead guilty and it becomes a precedent.

    I have no idea what foul misdemeanor they committed. Maybe it was as simple as they took inadequate fluids !!

    Being a Chroin and it's pals are not technical hills; the incident appears to have started with many hours of daylight available.

    Maybe the circumstances will get an airing over the next few hours.

    If they get convicted there are huge repercussions for many activities.

    Nanny state gone mad. Wee Nicky gets her "example".

  • flyfifer

    Changed the title of the thread from “Mmmm !” to “Mmmm ! Be Afraid.!”.

    The reporting says the charge is Culpable and Reckless Conduct and mentions the two people got into difficulties on the hill. There is no elaboration on the difficulties.

    The reporting then goes into a frenzy about Stay at Home.

    The concern must be that the charge is simply to demonstrate that 5mls might not be Law---- but there are lots of other charges we can bring , if we want to.!

  • I have no doubt some of the eejits that get into trouble on the hills deserve a good slapping but this would never have made the news if it were not for the Covid "regulations" being in force, it looks like just trying to intimidate folks to do what they are told in my opinion (other opinions are available). Anyhoo, Jimmy Krankie and her ilk do not scare/rule me and I for one will go to jail before I pay a fine for being alive.

    Yours grumpily

    Auld lowlander.

    Every day above ground is a good day.

  • Shouldn't have been out (that far), it ain't one law for them and one for us. Also, because they were ill equipped and needed rescuing they put the rescue service (volunteers) at risk of infection needlessly.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • First problem for me is who is going to define ill-equiped ? The problems with that are enormous.

    The risk to life was presumably primarily to the Glasgow Two and secondarily to the MRT.

    It would be interesting to know who contacted the MRT.

    There will now be greater risk to life through reluctance to contact MRT as Charges might be made by the police if MRT get involved.

    As regards risk of infection I suspect they were all more likely to get Tick Sickness than anything else !


  • Yeah, good points. The real sin was going too far from home to do something a little riskier than walking through a park, which should have generated the 60 quid fine. Perhaps the authorities don't expect to get a conviction, they're just making examples of these two. Bet they were short of water. Or hats...

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • Predictably the Scottish outdoor community are no happy.

    But --- how's this for a "politician"

    2nd June (from a BBC article,).

    SMR Chairman Damon Powell said: "We are also aware how deeply frustrating it is when everyone who is making such sacrifices see people openly flouting the guidance. We are pleased to see the police taking action against such individuals."

    4th June ( from a BBC article).


    Hillwalkers and climbers should not be concerned about being penalised if they call 999 for help, Scottish Mountain Rescue (SMR) has said.

    SMR chairman Damon Powell said mountain rescue assistance would be provided "without cost and without judgement" if people were in difficulties."

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