Omega 250 Tent commentary

  • Vango Omega250 Commentary.

    I am not going to list the spec of the materials used - Vango do all that.

    Putting the fly poles in is easy as the sleeves are short and clips hold the poles lower down. Just take care that the guyline is to one side of the pole otherwise you get the pole through the middle. You will understand when you don't ----and go to tension the guyline.☹️

    Twenty one pegs are supplied by Vango and that number are needed.

    I did not like the OEM guy set up at the "tail" and modified it to three straightforward guy lines.

    Getting the tension correct on the "Tail End" guylines and the "Tail End lower edge" peg points, to achieve an air gap to the inner, is not easy. imho.☹️

    I believe another pair of low down tensioning points are needed below the centre fixing point, on the fly, to achieve an easy set up. Just mho.

    (I had picked up previously that some folk had found their inner getting damp at the tail foot area). Hopefully in practice it won't be too much of an issue.

    The inner has one Yellow and one Red toggle, to mate with the same in the fly roof, for easy installation. Well done Vango for that simple but incredibly useful feature.😁🤗

    The Yellow Ring and Toggle can be easily seen zooming in on the pic.

    There is a plastic "Hook thing", at each (of the four) corners of the groundsheet to, "click into" flysheet rings.😏😉

    These plastic hooks are less robust than on my Nemesis but no less difficult to clip in and remove.

    I cut the "gates" from these hooks to make it easy to use. I don't anticipate them jumping out of the rings.

    (My Nemesis never did).

    The hooks on the Omega would be easy to replace, with a toggle system if wanted, being secured with cord.

    (Rather than sewn-in elastic tape as per the Nemesis.

    Note- the Nemesis has eight fly to groundsheet hooks as opposed to the Omega's four.)

    The porch area of the Omega 250 is roomy and there is just enough height for me to sit in my Helinox copy seat at the roof's highest point.

    Anybody taller than 5 ft 8and3/4 might want the 350 with its extra height.

    The Omega range is badged by Vango as Base Camp use, hinting at bulk and weight.

    The relatively tall tunnel design is not intended for high winds --- time will tell if that is an issue.⛈️🌪️

    My inclination has always been to tents that will withstand big winds and bad weather. The Omega 250 is not in the same league as the Nemesis ( or the little Spirit 200) but the Omega has a big porch which is it's role in the Vango range.

    I know many happily use the Omega 350 version for motorcycle camping never mind the 250.

    Horses for courses, You pays your money, etc etc.

    Looking forward to using my 250, hopefully this year.

    Pics to follow.

  • Cant remember any Omegas being destroyed at Ullapool , a couple of Redverz Garage type tents snapped in half (one being brand new) .

    My Coleman Coastline 2+ survived with only a couple of snapped guy lines

    Who in there right mind organised a rally in Hurricane Season

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

  • I was in my Coleman Phad X3 for the Ullapool "blow" - stood up very well to the windy onslaught. Only got the 350 Omega from Jim year before last - went down to Dent without taking a tent and bought the 350 from Jim en-route :)

    Steve T


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