Bike Hauler ID

  • Someone shared a photo of a clever transport with (gasp!) a scooter in the boot. ?Anyone here no what make this old car is? Fowlers Sedan DeLuxe 2_autoscaled.jpgFowlers Sedan DeLuxe_autoscaled.jpgGreen Bike Hauler.jpeg

    I've included a photo of an old Chevrolet Deluxe that belongs to a vintage racer here in the Pacific Northwet. It's not as polished as the little green hauler but it has a lot more track cred.

    Thanks, Dave

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  • Thank you for digging that up!

    I'm not an old car enthusiast but I'm old and have had cars. When I was a tyke we had a '52 Chevy station wagon(Estate wagon on your side of the pond) so that old Deluxe rings a bell. Growing up in the Northwest there were few Brit cars and almost nothing but MG's and those cute little Morris Minor's. When Mom went back to work outside the home, in 1962, she wanted a small economical car.(she's petite and economy minded) My Dad saw a 1953 Hillman Manx convertible and thought that's just what she'd asked for. Driving home from Portland, Oregon with the new car and 3 of us kids jammed in, the engine suffered a spectacular failure with a piston assembly exiting via the bonnet in a ballistic trajectory traced by blue smoke and more than a hint of flame. I was thrilled! My mother was distinctly not. She towed, Dad and the Hillman, the 60 or so miles home at the speed limit.

    Thanks again for the research! dd

    Hold my beer, I'm gonna try someth'n

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