A constructive use of time

  • The salon needs a deep clean and paint . And started fixing the supports under the dog bathing area . (damp)

    Sourced the wood I needed from a kind neighbour who is build a house just round the corner.

    So will be able to complete the job without spending a penny (which is good as no money coming in now)

    Also have a huge project in front of house moving a *hitload of stones to finish our pathway . (project been on back burner since my operation)


    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

  • Well, seeing as the cooncil don't want me in work and not able to do long rides (going for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread every day doesn't count ;)), I've taken the opportunity to bring forward the winter bikes post winter deep clean - did the chain before breakfast and after walking the dogs early doors.

    Washed the front windows yesterday, got the back to do today =O, as well as emptying the dogs at least another 3 times before bed time.

    Thinking of clearing out the garage, but seeing as all the communal re-cycling centers are shut, I'd just end up with a huge pile of crud sitting on the drive!

    Stay sane people, stay sane

    Steve T


    "A bad writer wastes time. A good writer bends time" - Dan Walsh

  • Just been out on the bike to the vet to pick up antibiotics for an ailing hen. There’s hardly any traffic on the roads round here, so it looks like folk are starting to heed the conditions of the lockdown.

    PS. Petrol is down to £103.9 per litre! I took advantage and filled up ;)

    '04 TDM900 :thumbup: ‘84 XL600R (again) 8) ‘08 Ulysses XT :D

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