Got a tank full o' fuel...

  • The Rules are the proverbial enigma wrapped in a conundrum.

    Do not Travel --- given the desire is no interpersonal contact, not conservation of fuel or reduction of emissions, it would seem that Travel in the Rules is solely focussed on the premise that it normally infers stopping in a populated environment prior to returning home. contacted the Gov Press Office and were advised a motorcycle

    run was not a problem if it

    was a solo rider and no

    interface with anyone prior to return to the point of departure.

    It's the same issue with Stay at Home , it doesn't actually make clear what that means.

    Again there is no definition of Going for a Walk , other than the premise must be, return to place of departure and stay 2metres from anybody you happened to come upon.

    Indeed it seems there is agreement driving to a quiet place to Walk, where few people are, is acceptable and a good idea.

    (I don't mean driving 50 miles to climb to 4000ft , merely to a quiet local area).

    It would seem that if you comply with the Spirit and Intent of the Rules the jobs a good un.

    Rather than feeling your collar -----telling Cam mi inpervans to go South or be clamped for the duration would be a good use of resource.

    I respect that this forum does keep clear of Politics but ---- you did ask and unfortunately I have an opinion !

    Mind it is only my opinion !!

  • Having just re read the latest version of da rulz, 'no unnecessary journeys' is pretty unequivocal, although I suspect a lone biker who didn't plan on stopping would be inline just for a telling off if stopped.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • And there is the RTA scenario.

    Emergency services called to an RTA , taken away from Covid19 work ain't going to be happy.

    The possibility of Covid19 being spread amongst that random group including the RTA person .

    The MRTs have said they are effectively stood down for those reasons.

    I won't be biking.

    Just my opinion mind.

  • And one last observation from me.

    A simple breakdown on the B9999997843 could be a real problem with recovery companies potentially less than sympathetic and saying they are not available for two days.

    A long push back to wherever.

  • I rode my bike today to delivery supplies to my mother , delivered bag to doorstep, and stood outside had a nice chat 10ft away .

    very surreal .

    Yes I have a car but its expensive to run and now we no income every penny counts so no riding for pleasure for me for a while .

    I did see a video today on facebook of a huge gathering of bikers in Wales I think and some locals having an issue with it (rightly so)

    I was being extra vigilant with riding a looking out for other drivers , not watching etc . But roads across Aberdeen city was very quiet today

    Stay Safe out there Guys .

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