**Into the west**

  • Slight change of plan from my BYOBK run . . .

    Went west into the highlands instead of south.

    Back roads to Inverness to check on an elderly native – all OK but can’t come out to play cos its muvvers day, apparently.

    Onwards to the west via really little roads, some having dirty detours leading off of them into the hinterlands.

    Did the infamous corkscrew off the south side of Loch Ness, then onto Fort Augustus

    Haven’t ridden along the Glen Garry road for soooo many years, so seeing as the traffic was virtually non-existent, I went and covered some miles of glorious twisty tarmac and took in many superb views as I went along

    Back towards Inverness via the northern road around Loch Ness. Never, ever, ever have I encountered so few vehicles on this road . . . at any time of the year, as I did today. From Invermorriston heading east I came up behind my first moving obstacle just as I got to Drumnadrochit. – nearly 13 miles and just one vehicle travelling in the same direction as me! And not that many travelling in the other direction either!

    220 fun miles. Wonder how long it will be before the fun police stop even this sort of activity?

    Steve T


    "A bad writer wastes time. A good writer bends time" - Dan Walsh

  • Ace Pictures Steve

    I changed plan also , I headed to Montrose , Forfar .

    No pictures today , was a very weird feeling driving today .

    On the main road to Aberdeen every second vehicle was a HGV (delivering goods to Aberdeen)

    Lots of scared looking people walking in the villages , doing gardening etc .

    Stay Safe Everyone

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

  • Steve,

    Superb pics. As long as we go out solo or as a distanced duo, take our own brew and eats ---- we harm nobody.

    Visordown contacted the Press Office and they formally responded OK for bike run with no travel contact.

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