• Thanks for allowing me to be part of your forum. Exploring a trip to Scotland for the fall and would wish for any sound advice on lodging and roads.

  • Welcome to the forum Crows.

    We like nothing better than playing at route planning.

    Whilst Scotland doesn't take up a big space on the map of the world you definitely need to give us a clue as to what you think you might like to do, as LWR said, as well as howlong you intend being on the bike tour.

  • Welcome! I guess you are from the other side of the pond - autumn/fall is a great time to see Scotland, September and October are often pretty settled (it's all relative...) and accommodation can be a little easier to find as the school holidays are finished. Good luck with the planning, lots of knowledgable folks here.

  • Hi Crows and welcome to the forum! As has been mentioned before, September is a great time visit Scotland. Some of the best bike tours and diving trips I have had have been later in the year. You will find lots of good info on the forum and if you have a look at the link in my signature you will find a lot of Scottish touring write ups.

  • Thanks for reply's. All of you have pretty much hit my timeline of fall from Sept. to Oct. Good to know the holidays are over then, live in tourist area so know all about traffic, and annoying people. Going to try and take in as much as I can in 19 days, would like to travel as much of off beat as I can, slow pace, love small towns, good food ,drink and conversation. I live in New Hampshire in the states so that is kind of terrain i ride most. I,ll keep reading your ride blogs,and try and piece things together for future ideas, thanks again for your interest.

  • One thing to consider when you're planning your trip is the effects of the Corona virus. It's probably going to trash the first part of the tourist season (I'm in the business, have been for nearly 30 years, I've seen it all...) so there may be pent up demand in late summer and autumn.

    Outside of the main centres, especially in the Highlands, accommodation is usually offered by family run (Mom and Pop as you might say) bed and breakfasts or small hotels, and it might be a little more difficult to find accommodation even late in the season if it goes the way I think it will. Might be worth bearing in mind anyway - we've had people come back to us after setting off on the NC500 https://www.northcoast500.com/ because the haven't been able to find any places to stay along the way even in a normal year.

  • So far we are all working on the basis you have not visited Scotland previously.

    On that basis it is worth flagging up that, particularly above a line north of Inverness, a place name on the map does not necessarily indicate a centre of population (and potentially accomodation). ?

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