Conti TKC 80 and Mitas E07+ combo

  • Just thought I would report on how the Conti/Mitas combo I used on my last trip went.

    In terms of working together they matched very well, especially after they had a few hundered miles on them. On tarmac I was perfectly happy with the grip available - the TKC is known to be a soft compound and it's the front I don't want to loose. In the rain I had no slides, but then again I tend to slow down quite a lot when it's wet and I'm not on my usual 80/20 radials. On tarmac I found that dropping the rear from 42psi to 40 made a big difference to the way the bike felt. On gravel I dropped to between 30 and 32 at the front (from 36) which helped steering and comfort a lot, but at those pressures on tarmac (two up fully loaded) the front felt horrible. I don't drop the rear pressures unless I'm in sandy conditions.

    The grip when the going got soft was great - such a treat to be able to steer the bike in sand and mud, even if most of the improvement was probably in my head. But in fairness I didn't drop the bike once, which is a bit unusual.:P Mind you, gassing it makes a massive difference, the whole plot comes together in an instant and you actually start feeling in control!

    The big question before we set off was regarding wear. If you listen to the Americans they will tell you that a TKC front will be done in 4000 miles maximum, but I found this to be untrue. We covered 6200 miles, probably 3/4 of that on tarmac in the heat and there is still a reasonable amount of meat at both ends. The rear is at 4.5mm and the front is at 5.5mm.

    Would I use this combination again? Certainly, although I would really like to try a radial knobbly like the Michelin Anakee Wild too as a comparison to these bias tyres.



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