Parking Charges

  • However Argyll Cooncil have confirmed that Motorcycles are not exempt from parking charges, specifically at the Fionnphort ferry parking but I imagine that applies to all Argyll parking areas.

    Extract of an email I got from the Cooncil.

    " would advise that motorcycles parking in the Iona ferry car park are charged the standard bay charge like other vehicles. However there is a large car park not far from the ferry at the Columba Centre that is free of charge for all vehicles".

  • Last time I was at Fionnphort , I parked right at the the Cafe Cabin which is situated in the motorcycle parking bay right at the ferry building . Yes they built the cabin in the motorcycle bays . So I parked right next to it , technically in the bay . Did not pay while I was having coffee and cafe at the cabin.


    But no doubt if parking to go see Iona , you will get a ticket from a jobsworth .


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