Private Messages or "Conversations"

  • So discovered .. That messaging or PM's are called "Conversations" on this forum .

    Either click on someones name and click on the little *man* icon there you can do things like , follow/block/create conversations ..

    Clicking on this will allow you the standard topic , message window .

    You can do the same thing but hovering your mouse over ANY members name on the forum and a little box should come up . click on the *talk bubble*


  • If you have issues when creating a conversation , an error saying *you have reached your limit* , please email me or post here

    And I will fix for you , its because we ported over messages from old system and if you have lots then your messages need trimmed .


    Anyways , just thought I would mention it . 8)

  • Craig,

    How does one go about deleting old, no longer relavent conversations?

    Had a fiddle but failed to spot an obvious way of reducing the conversation count. Did manage to moved them around, but many from 2013 can be got rid of I think.

    Cheers for all your efforts,

    Steve T


  • So , you have figured how to get to your conversations , by clicking the talk bubble top right of forum

    when your in the conservation page , your see right side *folders* , select conversations this will show 10 of *** (however many you have)

    Now either select each one you want to delete or click very top check box to select all

    Now go to botton of page where you will see tab in blue (will say 10 conservations for example)

    Click this tab and it says , hide / leave / close ... LEAVE deletes old conversations

    When you do that it will go back to the list , select and click leave for all old messages the max is 150 on the new forum .

    I just deleted 480 LoL from my account .

    Anymore help just shout

    Craig :);)

  • I have tried to clean up my conversations as I have Too Many but ---

    I can't see folders ?

    I managed to get Edit up and Closed a few Conversations ---- but I didn't see Leave ??

    Help ! Please !

  • I click on the wee bubble and a page called User Menu comes up.

    Notifications and Conversations adjacent.

    Click on conversations and ten appear, click display all and intern pages of them appear.

    Click on a Conversation and Edit option appears --- where I have closed some but they don't go away !.

    Am I in the wrong place ?

  • Your nearly there , I have pointed out in the quote where to click , I will see if I can do a screen shot

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  • Ok , I have tested , and it is a small bug that when you use mobile the check boxes disappear . So I will have to report the bug and wait for developers to come ups with a fix .

    Work around .

    select any single conversation , and click edit . then select *manage participantion* then *leave* .

    this will delete the message but if you have a lot to delete , its a pain . but at least a workaround .

    You can't view the forum on desktop, to delete as first explained . ?

  • Ok cool

    I have raised a ticket with the developers as i think its a oversight / issue they will no doubt fix in next update to the software.

    If you can keep reporting things as its good for me to learn the systems and if its a issue with the actual software then i can let them know.

    Cheers for now

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