Salt and brake discs.

  • Last week, bored and not having been out on the bike for a while, I took to roads as it was dry, even though I knew they were covered in salt and I met gritters out and about. It was to be a cloudless and so cold night that night.

    The next day was the start of three days of rain, so I left the bike under its covers, confident in the ACF50 that I use. But in three days, what a mess of corrosion had appeared on the chain and the brake discs.

    The chain needed a thorough clean and it is OK. It is the brake discs that look terrible, primarily around the edges of the holes between the flat section the brake pads work on and the inner part. I gave them a good rub with an old, clean toothbrush, but that hardly took off anything. Is there a solution, or am I now stuck with unsightly discs?

  • I give my brakes the watering can full of cold water treatment after riding on salty roads - every day when communting just now - then a quick wipe down with a paper towel afterwards to take away most of the remaining water on the discs to help stop the pads sticking to the discs with the frost.

    Doesn't stop what you have descirbed, but it does reduce the amount of rusty brown building up.

    Just my mutterings.

    Steve T


  • As Steve says, a watering can or a hose (not a pressure washer) around the area will get the salt off. I use fs365 all over, even on the disks. It burns off pretty fast so no issues breaking. You'll need to set about it with autosol or maybe wd40 and try to polish the rust off. If you're changing the pads its worth giving all the moving parts a coating of copper grease.

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