Mitas Terraforce R tyes

  • Just fitted a pair to the Alp. Be interesting to see how they fair mileage wise compared to the likes of Tourances.
    Took a quick 20 mile spin on them and in the dry they were fine, with a nice relaxed rolling from side to side due to the rounded profile.

    Time & miles will tell how thet fare and wear ;D

    Steve T


  • hi Craig.

    Been out on the bike this morning and took it over some very wet sandy tracks - these tyres aint suited to dirt :o They clogged up very quickly - OK it is very wet just now - so I'm thinking dry forestry trails could be their limit . . . . . which is fine for now (unless I find my way through an open gate ;D)

    Time & miles will tel ;D

    Steve T


  • Yeah, they don't look any more suited to mud/sand than Anakee IIs. I would say that one of the best compromise tyres is the Avon Trek (not Trail) rider. That tyre performs very well for mild off roading and is ace on tarmac. Kind of wonder sometimes if I shouldn't have used them again for the upcoming trip, but I did really want to try (at least once) something knobblier.

    Trailrider such a good tyre on my GS if you're not going off road, but I noticed for tarmac that Pirelli are doing their Angel GT II in a 19 inch front. That's a very good tyre apparently.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • Good to know as Ive just ordered a mitas terraforce r for the rear of my R1100GS to replace the Mitas E08 , which I only managed to get 5000miles out of it , thought I'd get more .. :( be interesting to see how the terraforce lasts, they look very like the continental trail attck 2's ..

  • Seeing as I took the Alp out of cold storage I thought I'd properly scrub in the new tyres with a nice run east along the coast then south-west to Huntly and finally north-east for home.

    A little over 80 miles covered on mainly damp and slimy road salt covered roads with only the one twitch when I slid over some of that black over-banding on a road repair.

    Tyres gave plenty of feel for what was going on down below at the sensible speeds I was travelling at, with the level of grip being generated on less than ideal road surface conditions was very pleasing to experience.

    Looking forward to more lean angle on dry and salt free roads, when they appear from below the winter grit & grime that is currently to be found everywhere.

    As an aside, it felt blooming great to twist the Alps throttle again after several months off that bike.

    Steve T


  • Today, on a run to ARI and back via the mostest scenic routes I could find, the "new" tyres rolled past their first thousand miles.

    Still can't find the edge of these things - not helped by the centre stand grounding out way too early =O

    The air temp was apparently up around the 16 degrees C mark this afternoon on the way back and the tyre temperature touch test when I got home was quite telling - both front and rear covers were really hot. Been sitting at around the NSL for the whole journey, 180 mile round trip, so nothing outlandish speed wise (come on, its a 22 year old Transalp ;)), so the temperature when touch tested was very suprising.

    To early to look for signs of wear but it will be interesting to see how they hold up given the temp they got to today.

    Steve T


  • No way would that have been outside their operating temp - these tyres would be expected to perform from the Arctic circle to Death Valley. Overheating usually because of overloading and/or underinflation which I'm sure you wouldn't do.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • :thumbup:

    Greenest Africa Twin BMW 1200 GS Adventure BMW R80

  • Ok, thats 2k miles rolled on these tyres and I have to say that they are rather impressive grip wise in the wet & dry :thumbup:.

    This mornings ride ended with me covering nearly 20 miles of rain sodden roads, with large amounts of water running across the carriageway as well as falling from the sky. Whilst I obviously reduced velocity a little, the grip from these Mitas tyres round the rural roads was brilliant. Well worth the £160 fitted price for the pair :thumbup:

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