Tracer 900 GT --- Seat

  • I finally made it out on the bike yesterday.

    (Tea, Scotch pie and a Rhubarb pie at Crail baker's shop --- food of the gods !) .

    Anyway it was not the longest of days but the seat reworking seems to be a success.

  • My bike days out recently have been a bit shorter than my normal but the 280ish day out this week convinced me there is a fundamental problem with the Tracer seat design.☹️☠️.

    I spent more time jiggling about on the seat over the last 50miles than reading the road. Not good.

    How can a mainstream manufacturer do that ? 😟

    Anyway, I have pulled the pin on a Bagster replacement seat. There are varying opinions on how much better it is but I cannot live with the current thing.😤

    Bought from Chrome burner in Holland; should arrive mid week. Here's hoping !🤔

  • Don't think you can do much if you have an upright seating position - the GS with its big fat pad is no great shakes. The most comfortable bikes are sports tourers where you spread the weight between your legs, bum and wrists, but that isn't ideal for tackling gnarly roads eh? Good luck with the replacement perch though, hope it improves things.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

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