Your weekend plans

  • Well my plans are laid out before me , sitting in the house able to get about doing most things apart from lifting and most importantly driving.

    Its going to be a while before I get back out to drive the car, even longer the bike.

    I am already going slightly stir crazy with not being able to do stuff .

    But would be nice to see or here what you guys are up to .

    All the best


  • It’s good to hear you’re back home and on the road to recovery Craig.

    I had a weekend finishing fettling on the Buell (tyres, brake pads, fork oil seals, tidying up / modding wiring, etc.), followed by a test ride out to Holywood, just north of Dumfries to visit my cousin. He lives right next door to Holywood Garage, a Royal Enfield dealer, so I popped in there to have a closer look at the Himalayan. Well, it’d be rude not to! :) I’m going to go back and take one out for a test ride. ;)

    The Buell behaved perfectly :) :) and the wiring mods seem to have smoothed the beast out a bit. I can see it as a long distance tourer now.

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

  • Glad to hear your home Craig, recovery is always quicker in your home surroundings. Most of our time is spent packing up the house. We are moving up to Lincolnshire hopefully around August.

  • Thanks fo the comments...

    I spent the weekend chilling mostly outside in our back garden which is very private , with a reclining seat , iPhone and chilled drinks (not beer)
    with the reclining chair I could get exactly the correct position so to make myself comfortable.
    Been having a restless time of things and disturbed sleep but sat / sun night, I had a better sleep.
    I am off the tramidol painkillers (giving me sides effects) so now just taking paracetamol when needed.
    Everyday I am getting slightly better and taking slow walks .
    Onwards and upwards

    Ian all reviews of campsites are welcomed as you know and made a new "Games" quest for Jenifer as she needs a break .

    Steve , nice seeing the Storm out in the wild again .

    Jim . Sounds like a interesting weekend , On a side note I subscribe to "itchy boots" on youtube , lassie has a Himalayan , bought in India and now travelling the world .

    Jed Good luck with your move

  • Thanks for asking Ian , I was out in the car yesterday drove down to Sainsburys for a little shopping . Only a couple of miles but felt good to be out and about.

    Off the painkillers mostly , still have sore insides and muscles . Most of the other sides effects of the operation have eased which is nice .

    But still feeling weak compared to before all this , but working on it every day , :)

  • Last w'end I was on 4wheels for a wee hol down Dumfries Galloway area.

    It became a wild life safari -----

    A Common Blue --- apparently they are particularly common in the SW in July. Snapped this one down at Sandgreen.

    The art lovers amongst you will know all about the late A.E. Hornell. Snapped the local pest controller in the garden of the house where he used to live.

    These cattle were enjoying a cooling "paddle". Snapped on the estuary in Kikcudbright opposite the harbour.

    At first I thought this was a heron but no --its an Egret. Snapped on the estuary just up from the harbour.

    Swallows pick daft places to nest. This one had set up home in a smart garden shelter in Logan Botanical garden and wasn't happy we had sat down whilst it had been out.


  • Nice pictures Ian

    I will be going to the Blast from the Past event tomorrow (in the car) so hopefully I will get some pictures also .

    Doing a little better this week , able to drive car and walk but still at about 60% myself , mostly off the pain meds

    Cheers Craig

  • So the road to recovery is very slow , 8 weeks now since operation .

    Feeling good enough to go for a short ride on Sunday , 50 miles round trip with coffee stop in middle and back home safe before rain came.

    What a feeling being out on the bike again

    But still a bit to go to strengthen my abdomen muscles .


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