Gas Cylinders

  • Purely "becos I could" I bought a wee adapter thingie that lets you connect a stove to the kind of gas cylinders you use in a weed burner and can buy for a £pound.…Fulk%2Fitm%2F183801090491
    ASDA had said gas cylinders on sale so bought and connected gas cylinder to stove.
    Gas Cylinder vertical and stove roars away fine.
    Gas Cylinder horizontal and lots of large yellow flames --- !!
    My pal Dougie K swears that these cylinders can be used laid flat.
    Anybody got practical experience ??

  • Having bought the adaptor to use the cheapie Gas Cylinders I decided to buy the other wee adapter valve that allows you to put the cheap gas into an empty "posh" camping gas cylinder.

    Link to a similar device below.

    I connected the devices together and the empty posh 100 size cylinder took 43gms.

    It is now in the freezer to try getting more gas into it from the donor cylinder --- in an hour or three.…id=p2332490.c100891.m5206

  • The 100gram cylinder that had already been with 43gms of gas, with both it and the donor cylinder at ambient, had a lie down in the freezer for an hour.

    The donor cylinder, at ambient, was reconnected to the cold recipient 100 cylinder, using the bits and sat above it for 5mins or so.

    The kit was split and the recipient 100cylinder reweighed.

    Objective met -- the recipient cylinder now had 82grams of gas so the freezer "trick" does work.

  • A key thing, which I guess I should have recorded but most campers will know, is that the cheap gas in the long tall cylinders is straight propane.

    Propane on its own doesn't like low temperatures --- not a great problem for motorcycle campers in general though.

    (It doesn't do to well at altitude either so Three Dawg shouldn't take it to the Atacama!).

    I enjoyed the wee video and liked his frank summary -- buy the lowest cost brand i.e. what's available in a place you pass by !

  • Sofnolime,

    Your comment ref gas and liquid output caught my attention.

    When you say there is an Lshaped output tube ----

    Is that inside the can itself ?

    The top "outside" is simply the flange with the notch, the recess with the spigot and the spigot itself - yes ?

  • Sofnolime,

    That's an excellent image and commentary on how to cure the big yellow flames!


    I posted a link to the video on a well populated heavily read outdoor forum.

    I billed it as The Definitive Gas Cylinder Review, making no comment on the Conclusion.

    I posted it as a wee bit of a joke really but one respondent thought it was a shame he didn't have access to a Gas Chromatograph to check the butane propane mix to see if it corelated with any of the data.

    No pleasing some folk ! 😁😁

    Personally I loved the conclusion !

  • Another respondent preferred MSR above all as they had graduations marked on the canister --- so you could float it in water and know how much gas was left.

    Nice, but you could keep an empty MSR and mark up another --- they are practically all the same.

  • When I used to go backpacking I made sure to use the same brand of gas cylinder - probably CampingGaz as they were the only ones available from the outdoors shop I used to frequent.

    I weighed a full and an empty canister, giving me the weight of gas. From there was pretty easy to estimate how much was left in a canister (I usually had two or three on the go at a time). Being conscious of having to carry everything in a rucksack, I’d take a ‘light’ canister for one night out, a heavier one for multi-day trips on the fells, and a bunch of just-about-empty ones for bike camping where the bulk wasn’t an issue. To be honest it didn’t make a lot of difference in pack weight, but I never disposed of a canister until it was empty! 😉

    '04 TDM900 😁 ‘84 XL600R (again) 😎 ‘08 Ulysses XT 😂

  • Would one of those gizmos that join two cylinders together work for the sort of cannister you put in a plumber's blowtorch? I use them in my weed burner, but when the gas gets low it's pretty feeble, so I've ended up with several cannisters with only about 10% gas in them.

    Thousht if I put one on the freezer and warmed the other (as suggested above) I might be able to squeeze a bit more life out of them by filling up one from the rest.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • I just assumed that you screwed one to the other using the connector as per the picture in the link you posted then opened the valve. I can see that having a large, full cannister as the filler would be desirable, but assume it would work OK if the gas was at different temperatures.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

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