• Very quick post yo say Iam not commenting on the forum
    Mthis is because i have been admitted into hospital yesterday and the burst appendix has been removed. Morphine is good

    Rubber side down

    Hope you’re up and about soon and not just ‘high’ Craig.

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  • Bloody hell Craig,

    I take it that came as a bit of a shock ???
    Take you're time to recover and HEED THE DOCS, they know what they are doing.

    All the best, Heal well :)

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  • Just stopped in to let everyone know Craigs feeling a bit better today. Up and walking around a wee bit, even got a shower. Docs happy with progress so far.

    So if anyones wondering, he woke up early sunday morning with a nasty pain in side & some cramps. Pretty bad so went to A&E where the dr saw him, said “dont worry, not appendix “ & diagnosed him with kidney infection and sent home with pain meds and antibiotics “should feel better in a day or 2â€

    2 days later.(thursday) . getting even worse... told him to call up to the local clinic where they got him right in and saw dr... “hmmm not appendix but I dont know what it is†....referred to hospital on a ASAP basis.
    So proper bloods run,,, came back saying some kind of infection going on but not clear, followed by CT scan...., oh look ... it is your appendix.... so sceduled for opp first thing wed morning, thinking keyhole, easy peasy... not,
    got started and realised his appendix had actually ruptured on Sunday morning (hence the pain) and hed been walking around for 3 days like that... 6 hours surgery later and lots of antibiotics, pain killers and morphine etc.

    So hes looking better now and just the normal kinda pain you get when being oppeded up, rummiged around in and then sew back together... no more apendix to worry about.

    Not going to be out on the bike for a while though... estimate is 4-6 weeks before even thinking of doing anything fun.... and no lifting etc for even longer.

  • Hope Craig's through the worst now and getting some rest and post op recovery.

    Had a great weekend with you guys see you all again!

  • Oooo, that could have turned nasty, how did they miss that ???

    All the best Craig, or if you re still hooked up to the tube -- [size=36pt]ALL THE BEST YOUNG FELLA [/size]

    Look forward to catching up later :) :)

    Greenest XRV Africa Twin , BMW 1200 GS Adventure, Yamaha WR450F, Yamaha Tenere

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow's a Mystery 8)

  • Blimey Craig,

    You have been through the war's, glad you are on the mend not a nice situation at all is that very sore and painful, feet up pal and take a rest get well soon

    Big Don

  • :o :o HOLY POOP Batman!!!!! :o :-[

    Eldest informed me yesterday evening that you'd been floored by a small organ :o rupture.

    Sooooo glad that your getting better and sensibly using prospective bike time as a target for when your FULLY recovered ;D

    Take it easy, let yer body fix itself after all that rummaging around inside that the medico's did and I'll see you on the road when the time is right . . . . . or if your really un-lucky, I'll pop over with a bunch of grapes ;D

    Steve T


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