slightly off road.

  • At St Marys loch cafe I met up with a mate who is a wind turbine engineer and he asked if I would like to see the site he is working at which is only about 15 miles from the cafe. The road in is hard packed gravel, a wee bit rough in places but the NC managed it no problem.
    Here are a few pics of the place taken with my phone and some screen shots from my dashcam.
    On the way in, gridlocked with coos. ;D
    Nice views.

    These turbines a HUGE, the blades are 40 meters long, that is Greg on his Affy twin just a few hundred yards in front so it gives you an idea how big they are.

    And of course, a picture of my handsome self.

    If I can motivate myself I will edit some video of the road in to give you some better views, but editing is such a time consuming chore, so don't hold your breath. ::)


    Every day above ground is a good day.

  • Good nearly authorised excuse for a run where you shouldnaebe though . Any troot nearby ??😊

    The only reason I got in there is because Greg works there on maintainance almost all the time, nae troot up that high but plenty in the Tweed, but you need a permit for that. :(


    Every day above ground is a good day.

  • Clocked you at the burger van just off the A7/M6 Junction the other day Andy. I would have stopped for a natter but I had work commitments.

    I thought it was you going past, I was just having a bacon roll and a coffee before going to have a look at the new CB500X in Lloyds.


    Every day above ground is a good day.

  • Thanks for sharing Andy.

    In the few dirt miles I did on my shortlived NC700X some years ago, I found the low C of G very useful, letting the bike naturally plow over all the (admittedly hard packed) ground I covered on it.

    Have found myself looking at these machines again, having recently witnessed a pal role past 100k miles on his 700 version :o. He's now ordered a spanking new one that will probably be his last bike . . . . . . but knowing him, he'll ramp up mega miles before he's no longer able to throw a leg over a bike :)

    Steve T


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