A quick look back at last year.

  • We are right into the New Year now and getting cabin fever with all the ice and snow outside.

    Looking back at last year , I thought I would put together a quick summary.

    60,000 miles and still looking great; Transalp 650

    The forum is still very slowly growing with quality members , the russians (spammers) still regularly try to sign up also but these are easily weeded out.
    We increased the monthly hosting account another £4 a month this was to give us more space on the servers.

    The monthly subscribers (Founding Members ) are helping me pay for the hosting. A huge thanks for supporting us without you we would have to cover all the costs which would be a huge drain on us.

    If you want help us buy a sticker or become a founding member here http://advscotland.com/subs-sales.html

    The domain name (.com) was also renewed for another 2 years .

    Sticker sales at the rally and online have been not bad , all profits go into the hosting kitty .

    A huge thanks our two site advertisers , Twistmoto and Lomo who donate to our competitions so they can advertise here .

    Lomo Scenic Photo Competition won by RevvingRev

    Lomo Panniers Competition won by JimRidesthis

    Twistmoto Scavenger Hunt won by SteveT

    Lomo Adventure Quest won by Jed54

    HUGE thanks for all the members who joined in with the fun and all the winners .

    Looking forward to 2019

    The Main rally at Strontian has been announced here and facebook and all is looking great for another great weekend . http://advscotland.com/index.php?topic=1724.0

    Jenifer has started the yearly quest competition (we are still thinking about prizes etc ) http://advscotland.com/index.php?board=48.0

    Dreaming about camping out in the west coast , during these cold winter nights keeps my mind healthy.

    Hopefully we can have a couple of day meets and get together to kick tyres .

    Rubber side down


    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

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  • That's some serious mileage 👍....
    Had a transalp identical to that, brilliant bike 👍
    Well done for all the hard work it takes to keep this club going 🍻👍

  • Well done Craig on all counts -

    The re-furbed machine - Top Job

    Keeping this pleasant place free from Ruskies - many thanks for your sterling effort

    Co-ercing the various sponsors to part with some of their wares so that us mere mortals can have a play on our bikes and potentially get some free stuff - all power to your elbow

    And finally for your "over and above" efforts in putting together a really great rally every year - many, many thanks for your & Jennifers efforts.

    Steve T


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