• Hi Everyone,

    I'm quite new to motorcycle touring - I've done a couple of solo 3 or 4 day trips around Scotland. Hoping to make a few contacts and friends for longer trips in the future.

    I'm currently based near Stornoway in the islands but I like to ride in the highlands as often as I can since I run out of road fairly quickly here!

  • Hi Adrian

    Glad to see you looked at the site and joined as suggested. Lots of good advice and knowledge on here.

    Pity you hadn't joined before June last year. Myself and another ten bikes were on Eilean Siar again for a week. You could have tagged along. We spent a few nights in Stornoway and a few at the Gatliff Hostel on Berneray.

    Enjoy this forum!

    Not all who wander are lost...

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