The Motorcyclist’s Guide to Scotland

  • Okay, probably not of a lot of interest for the folk here, but for anyone not familiar with all the corners of Scotland it does seem to be a very comprehensive, well written, informative book.

    JG contacted me through the ADVrider forum asking to use some of my photos which is how I come to have one of the first copies, but it’s now available direct from or eBay and will soon be on Amazon too.

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

  • If you buy direct from the website - - you’ll save £2.50 on postage. Being a Yorkshireman I think that’s a significant saving (although I actually got my copy for free for the use of my photos :) ) and here’s me thinking you Scot’s had a reputation for parsimony!

    ??? Do the pages come out to slide into a GPS !?

    Ian, you heathen! ?

    '04 TDM900, ‘84 XL600R (again), ‘08 Ulysses XT & Mrs. JRT’s F650GS

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