The Motorcyclist’s Guide to Scotland

  • Okay, probably not of a lot of interest for the folk here, but for anyone not familiar with all the corners of Scotland it does seem to be a very comprehensive, well written, informative book.

    JG contacted me through the ADVrider forum asking to use some of my photos which is how I come to have one of the first copies, but it’s now available direct from or eBay and will soon be on Amazon too.

    '04 TDM900 😁 ‘84 XL600R (again) 😎 ‘08 Ulysses XT 😂

  • If you buy direct from the website - - you’ll save £2.50 on postage. Being a Yorkshireman I think that’s a significant saving (although I actually got my copy for free for the use of my photos :) ) and here’s me thinking you Scot’s had a reputation for parsimony!

    ??? Do the pages come out to slide into a GPS !😂

    Ian, you heathen! 😂

    '04 TDM900 😁 ‘84 XL600R (again) 😎 ‘08 Ulysses XT 😂

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