• Bike Jacket and Trousers
    Anybody thinking of investing in new kit might want to take account of this ,-----
    Heard of Halvarssons ? Probably.
    They are a Finnish company (their stuff still gets made in eastern parts ) and they claim if it works in Finland it will work anywhere.
    Scots of course know that's not necessarily true, particularly if those Scots have participated in Winter Activities in Scotland.

    Ignoring that observation and looking at Halvarssons top end stuff ---
    In 2016 they brought out a jacket called Prime (£459) and trousers called Prince (£359) as their premium offering.
    Look up the dtl yourself but high abrasion resistance, Outlast inner, good quality drop liner waterproof, good size options and looks pretty smart.
    [ We all know about Rukka’s high tech 3:layer laminated kit ,,,---- but most folk miss the fact that 3:layer whilst effective is heavy and Rukka are not known for ventilation ]
    Meanwhile in 2017 the Halversson techie folk developed a 2 layer system offering light (er) weight, good ventilation and smart looks .
    Marketing decided on £519 for the jacket (Walkyr and) £409 for the troosers (Wish) ---- £50 more each than their non laminated recently launched offering.
    Methinks perhaps the new 2 layer laminated stuff is at a launch price and will jump in 2019 or the Prime/Prince will disappear, or both --- pure speculation on my part.
    Motolegends are Halvarssons stockists and offer interesting comment on their website.

    Anyway depending on your size you can currently get a Prime jacket for £299 although many stockists are still asking for the full RRP.
    That sounds like a bargain to me.

  • I have the Prime jacket, Targa trousers and Advance gloves.

    Honestly, best hear I've ever had.


    As stated above, hunt around for the best prices. There are bargains to be had.

    Not all who wander are lost...

  • The Walkyr jacket was briefly called the Wolf.
    This is the motolegends review at launch.

    Rukka Halvarssons comparison

    And if you have £2k to spend this might help you choose

    Or if you want a 10year warranty, check this out

  • >:( Anybody who has read my "research" on kit will know I can be a wee bit fastidious about the detail.
    So ---- I could not find any detail on how waterproof the Jacket pockets were so I asked Halvarssons, specifically about the Walkyr.
    The reply was :-
    "The Walkyr has 2 inner pockets which are waterproof. One at the chest and a document pocket behind the main front zip."
    I did pick up commentary from a few sources that said the outer pockets stayed dry but Halvarssons are only "guaranteeing" two inners

  • The two lower waist pockets on my Prime have never let any water in. To be fair I'm not sure about the two chest pockets as I don't really use them.

    The three inner pockets are water tight too.

    Not all who wander are lost...

  • The Service Dept at Halvarssons have been very helpful.
    I posed a couple of questions and received these answers. £500 is a lot to spend without lots of research !!

    " wouldn't say our sleeves are particularly long but they are designed for riding so certainly when in a normal standing position, they will be long.

    The Prime jacket is a slightly longer jacket than the Walkyr, mainly at the front.

    Our shorter looking jackets have a duck tail cut at the rear so there is normally no gap between trousers and jacket, even when riding a sports bike. This avoids drafts etc."

  • ??? The motolegends website is a mine of information.
    I watched a video they did, reviewing the Prime and Panzar jackets.
    The thing that grabbed me was " the Panzar is exactly the same spec as the Prime but is a shorter jacket".

    Panzar sells for £260. Prime sells for £450 --- but can be found discounted for £350.
    £100 more than a Panzar sounds like a reasonable pricing step, whereas £200 sounds like taking the proverbial.
    So my thinking is that the Laminated Walkyr at £300 more than the Panzar is maybe the correct pricing structure and the Prime at full price of £450 is taking the proverbial.

  • Prime Jacket -- things you don't notice in the shop.
    The two upper chest pockets are really small and if you fit the hi Viz vest --- it covers them. No loss really.
    The accessory hi-viz vest is a pita to attach. The zips are fiddly to engage. No way it would get zipped together at the roadside.
    Apart from that ---- it seems A1.

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