Lomo Waterproof Panniers *Review plus Win*

  • Lomo Waterproof Panniers


    So 60lts of totally waterproof panniers for a bargain £50 plus shipping, whats not to like.


    If you are just starting out on the crazy expensive adventure motorbike scene.
    These lomo panniers are a cheap entry into the fun of camping, touring etc.
    Fancy a lightweight alternative to your heavy hard boxes then these just may do the job.


    I own two other sets of soft panniers so can be objective at the features or lack of.

    So how do these stack up against the others of the same roll top design.


    Well for the price they do very well, usual Lomo waterproof material, heat welded seams and fixings.
    Velcro cross pieces are excellent, with one wide and two thin straps.
    You should use the rear thin strap to weave around upper rack or handholds to keep the bags from sliding forward.

    The handle is small but functional and the all important top closures are good. Two adjustable straps with clips over the top and two at the sides.
    So closing the roll top is as easy as 1,2,3. Pull together fold over 3 times and secure the sides, then clip the top straps together and tighten.

    Inside the bags plenty room for all your camping stuff, details are: stiffener in side (against frames) and small stiffener slong the edges of the opening.
    As usual with this roll top design you can squeeze in weird shaped things, or expand the bag a little more than when you set off.
    Which funnily happens to me when you pack up after a weekend away, especially in the wet things don't get folded or rolled the same way.

    The bottom fixing points for securing the bags to your pannier frames, these are heat welded plastic loops.

    So to try and accommodate every frame and bike they have not attached straps to the bags.
    They have supplied two adjustable straps with plastic clips to do this job.

    But if you do use these i straps highly recommend adjusting then cutting to properly fit your frames, you dont want any extra strap flapping about.

    This is the only minor negative thing about these bags so far but i can understand that to keep the cost to the end customer. But on thinking about it , I prefer the detachable strap , so You can put your own strap in its place, the Ortlieb set I have have fixed straps which can be annoying as they are non removable.
    If lomo supplied some expensive straps like Rocstraps at £15 then the final would much higher.

    I would say find a strap that works for you , rocstrap, bungee, clam luggage strap or someone suggested reusable cable ties
    What you dont want is a loose or extra straps anywhere near your rear wheel , chain .

    Packs down to nothing for storage.

    I like soft bags but they have to be totally waterproof, which these are.
    Cheap as chips
    Great for the adventure biker starting out or need and second pannier system for off-road work.
    Only slightly Let down by the lower securing straps.

    Was going to give a 4.5 but since the lower straps detach, because of the value for money and the accessibility for people starting out on Adventures, they gained a half point. ;)

    For the money these cant be beaten. 5 - 5 stars


    BUY HERE...>>> https://www.lomo.co.uk/acatalo…le-soft-panniers-set.html

    Professional video and more details about these panniers see the video below.

    These Panniers we kindly given to ADV Scotland for FREE by LOMO for review and then to be given away to one of our lucky members.

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

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  • :o Craig,
    Listening to your review and in particular the last few seconds, I realised a huge (probably arguably self evident to everybody except me) advantage of soft panniers --- when off the bike in the tent They Take Up Hee Haw Space !!!!

  • :o Craig,
    Listening to your review and in particular the last few seconds, I realised a huge (probably arguably self evident to everybody except me) advantage of soft panniers --- when off the bike in the tent They Take Up Hee Haw Space !!!!

    Also they can take the bike being dropped without breaking or distorting, a fall will not damage the subframe, they're light, fixable and don't crunch your heels if you're paddling in deep sand. I love my Mosko Back Country 35s for the GS, but I'd be tempted by the Lomos for the Laverda.

    Three Dawg. A man of many parts, most of them broken.

  • Using them on my KTM 690 Enduro, what's not to like for £50 or £55 delivered to door... A.S Magadans' are £375 plus delivery and they only have a couple more external pockets...375 divided by 50 = 7.5 x Magadans' :)

  • I bought a pair of the Lomo panniers last week to use with my newly constructed soft pannier "mounting" plates.
    The set up was used for a camping trip in Ullapool and the panniers filled the bill admirably.
    I used a 16?mm Rocstrap to link the bottom restraining rings to each mounting plate.
    The velcro strips jump together and give a sense of great grip. A wee bit fiddly trying to get the tension just right with the big strap through the pillion grab handles but the panniers never moved.
    I fed the opening securing straps up through the pannier mounting plate slots before pulling them down and clicking the buckle
    together . Gave an extra bit of load support.
    Superb value.

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