Hello from Rhode Island

  • Thank you, Gents, for a lovely time...
    All good things must come to an end, and today we're flying home to Rhode Island.
    The bikes are all freshly oiled and squared away, thanks to a little help from Saltire Motorcycles, who loosened a seized drain plug for me at no charge. Great bunch of guys over there.
    I fell behind on keeping you-all updated on our whereabouts, but I'll try to post a few more photos once I'm home and get them sorted.
    Here's one...on the ride up to Ben Lawers:

    Blue skies...friendly folks...lots of great riding....I think I might miss this place!


  • Is it September already?

    Mrs Trip and I will be returning to Edinburgh in another week, and waking up the little piggies after a summer's nap. We're planning to ride down to Coldstream the first day... and then continue south. We sure have fond memories of our ride through the Northwest and the Highlands, and we're looking forward to more of that perfect Scottish weather!!! Thanks again for all the suggestions and advice... it really added a lot to our trip.
    I have a ride report in progress over on ADVrider: https://advrider.com/f/threads…672/page-11#post-35101524

    Somewhere in Midargyll.... "...after you..."

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