Lomo 15lt Tail Bag

  • The 15lt tail pack/bag from Lomo

    We have had this small bag for a couple of months now to fully test the zips and snaps.
    Verdict as usual with lomo gear the quality is very good.

    The seams are heat welded and the stitching is very good. With all lomo rolltop bags with correct closure, they will remain totally waterproof inside.
    I really like the addition of a zip with this bag. When you are carrying around (with supplied shoulder strap ) you can just close the bag with the zip.

    This is very handy if you are using to transport your camera gear, no more fumbling trying to roll the top every time.

    The bag has some removable Velcro fixtures at the bottom and side straps which I think is more suitable for a pushbike.
    You can fix to your tail rack or on top of a pannier easily with the side straps or one of the several tie down eyes.

    Also because of its small size, you could fold up and just take with you on the bike in case you require a spare bag for shopping or carrying stuff around sightseeing.

    What I am I going to use it for in the long term, its going to drafted into the bike camping stable, to house either all my cooking stuff and brew kit.

    This means I can have everything at hand, secured on the outside of the panniers so impromptu brews can be made mid-journey.
    Also to keep everything organised as I am really tired of losing things and finding when I get home from a trip.

    Quality versus Price point, very good little bag with some great features for a reasonable price.
    Negatives , not sure about the velcro on the bottom but will update when its had some more heavy use.

    The Lomo 15lt Tail Bag can be sourced directly from Lomo in Glasgow by either visiting their store ..... or ordered online.

    Price at time of review £29.99


    ADV Scotland Score of 4 out of 5

    Durable PVC material
    Zip and roll-top closure
    2 Compartments: 1 Main Dry Section / 1 Semi-Dry Pocket
    Multiple attachment points
    Shoulder Carry Strap
    RF Welded Seams

    42cm long
    25cm wide
    25cm tall (closed)

    730 grams (empty)

    Disclaimer: We received this bag free of charge to review but were under no obligation to provide a positive review.

    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy. :)


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  • They brought this bag out last year (maybe 2016?) specifically for fitting on a bicycle rack , hence some of the fixings.
    Struck me as expensive, compared to the other holdall style bags, but it does seem to have some extra features.

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